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             Before finding Ms. Arielle, we worked with 4 different speech therapists who could not help us with Emma's speech delay. After just a couple of sessions with Sunshine Speech, we saw a huge improvement. It's been only a few months since we started but Emma's speech has progressed significantly.  We are very happy with Arielle's approach as she makes our daughter work hard while playing and having fun. We are amazed by her knowledge, expertise, and the way she works with kids.

             Arielle is the only speech therapist I would recommend to a friend as she is very caring, patient, innovative, thoughtful, and organized. After each session, we receive suggestions and "home work". We can't express enough how lucky we feel finally finding a speech therapist that helped Emma start talking!



- Lana V

Ms. Arielle was the first speech therapist my daughter saw when we moved to the US 2 years back. We haven’t felt the need to go anywhere else. Ms. Arielle has been awesome with my daughter, getting the right changes to her plan of care at the right time. The quality of therapy is excellent, not just what is done at the clinic, but the work that is sent home is also helpful. We feel our daughter has come a long way with her speech and confidence and has made huge progress in the time she has been with Ms. Arielle. She makes it a fun session but also has a much needed strong approach at times when my daughter is trying to get her way out of the session.

We appreciate how she makes sure the parents understand what is going on, feedback/progress done during the session, what’s the plan for the next session and work to be done at home. She worked with our daughter’s developmental pediatrician, which supported his evaluation process and thereafter the plan of action for Saanvi. We truly appreciate and value all the work Ms Arielle has put in for our daughter and look forward to continuing to work with her on our daughter’s progress.



- Aparna K

We started seeing Arielle for speech services when our son, Landon, was a little over 2 years old. His receptive language was normal, but we knew that his expressive language was delayed and he only said a few words consistently. After an evaluation, we learned that he was displaying typical signs of apraxia. We started with biweekly sessions, then eventually moved to weekly appointments. Arielle has been so wonderful with Landon. She is experienced, knowledgeable, patient, and gives me very manageable activities to do at home with Landon that usually just fit right into our daily routine.

We live in Fuquay Varina and drive 45 minutes to each appointment. It’s completely worth it. When we first looked into speech services, we started with a local agency. After a few appointments, we were not satisfied. Per the recommendation of our pediatrician, we made the trek to Cary and met with Arielle. We’ve been with her ever since. Landon is now 5 and we are thrilled that he is displaying developmentally appropriate communication in almost all areas. As a Mom, I’m beyond thrilled with how far he has come. We are so thankful for Arielle’s services!



- Lindsay R.

My son has been seeing Arielle for several years now, and she remains as dedicated today as she was on day one. She is not easily defeated; if one method doesn't work for her, she will try another (and another and another if necessary). She keeps up to date on our school goals and does her best to supplement more serious issues, and fill in the gaps where the school doesn't meet a need. Most importantly, Arielle keeps a sense of humor and a smile on her face week after week. She treats both children and caregivers with respect and listens carefully and considerately to any concerns or issues we make note of.



- Suzanne T.

It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend Arielle Parsons as a speech-language pathologist. She has been working with our 16-year-old daughter, who was adopted from China when she was 8 years old, for the past 8 months. Arielle is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. In addition, she is amazingly patient and kind. She has established a good rapport with our daughter and has been very adaptable in working with a teen, changing how the sessions and homework are done, to better accommodate our daughter. She is very responsive to all our questions. She meets with the parent briefly after each session to explain what was done and the goals for the homework. She is available by phone and email between sessions and is very responsive.

I highly value her professional knowledge and skills and are so incredibly grateful that she has been willing to work with our daughter even though she is quite older.



- Pam D

When our son was slow to speak at age two, my husband and I became worried. Our first child was an early talker and always spoke very clearly. Everyone said he was fine, that many kids are late talkers, but it all works out in the end. We still had our reservations. We heard about Sunshine Speech and decided to give it a try…
          Right away, Arielle identified the problem...apraxia of speech. My first thought, "What in the world is THAT and what do we do???" Arielle was very knowledgeable and walked us through everything we needed to understand. Even so, my husband and I had our concerns as to whether or not speech therapy would have any effect on a two-year old (who couldn't sit still for more than 3 minutes) but we reluctantly moved ahead.
          Now, all I can say is "WOW!" Because of Arielle, our son is talking (nonstop actually) and everyone can finally understand what he is saying! I can't tell you how hard it is for a mom to stand by and watch her child struggle to communicate and make friends because he can't speak properly. It's amazing to see how smart he is (I never knew how much he knows!) and to see how well he is able to interact with other kids and adults. It's just amazing. Arielle's patience, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile to see her students succeed is rare. She's so great with kids. She is able to motivate and engage even the youngest learners by making it fun for them. We are so grateful we found Ms. Arielle!



- Kelly G

Highly Recommend Sunshine Speech!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you Ms. Arielle Parsons for her continued support and dedication as a speech-language pathologist for our son Jonathan. It has been a long journey with many bumps along the way for Jonathan. We knew early on that there was a concern in regards to his speech and language delay and began looking into early intervention services as soon as he turned 2 years old with the recommendation from his pediatrician. We tried a few different offices only to find out that we had wasted valuable time as they were more interested in completing their paperwork than actually looking at our son. With Ms. Parsons we found a caring, invested speech-language pathologist who has an extensive background of knowledge and is extremely thorough and detail oriented. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done for our family! Even after a few months of services, we began to see a huge improvement in Jonathan's speech. It has been close to a year now and we are amazed at how far along he has come and continues to grow daily under the guidance of Ms. Parsons. Ms. Parsons is a fantastic speech-language pathologist! We highly recommend Sunshine Speech.



- Martha K

I came to Arielle because my 7-year-old daughter J had trouble correctly making different sounds (s,z,d, th, r and r blends). During our first session, Arielle evaluated J's speech, and she generated an accurate and concise report based on her expert evaluation, which I appreciated very much. She also put me at ease by confirming that there was nothing physically preventing J from making the correct sounds.
          From there, Arielle met weekly or biweekly with J for approximately 1 year. Arielle's calm and positive manner of communication won my shy daughter's trust and allowed her to make progress on adjusting speech habits. Some practices and lessons were carried out as 'games' to make the tasks more fun for J. Small prizes Arielle provided kept J motivated. Arielle also gave J varied 'homework' that we worked together on, to reinforce the correct speech behaviors at home. My daughter's speech is now noticeably improved. Even if she slips in her pronunciation now and again, she is able to self-correct because she knows how to make the right sounds, thanks to Arielle's efforts. I feel very fortunate we found such a wonderful and experienced pediatric speech pathologist to work with and do recommend her highly.



- Swati M

Arielle Parsons of Sunshine Speech has been very helpful to our family. Our son, Logan, (6 years old) has apraxia of speech. He has been seeing Ms. Parsons for about 2 years now for speech therapy. Ms. Parsons not only works on his speech but also teaches him concepts as well. She also gives the parents "homework" to work with their child at home on the same things she is teaching during her sessions. She also gives practical examples of ways we can help Logan at home. Since speech therapy is an everyday practice, being able to work at home with Logan has helped him as well. Ms. Parsons has many years of experience in the speech therapy field. I highly recommend Arielle Parsons at Sunshine Speech for any speech therapy needs that you have for your child.



- Jeanine A.

Ms. Arielle worked with our son in speech therapy for two years. She got to know him, his likes and interests and used that knowledge to personalize every session to help him reach his goals. She would review with me after each session to update on his progress and guide us with “homework” which included games and specific sounds, words, and phrases to use during the week. Now that he has reached his speech goals and no longer needs therapy, we continue to use the games and tips she taught to reinforce what he learned and continue with his progress.



- Vicky G.